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Custom greeting cards

printed company thank you cards

Business greeting cards

If you want to show your staff and customers how much your business cares about them, you can send them a high-quality personalised greeting card. Gone are the days of tacky, one size fits all seasonal corporate card. With GH Smith, you can create branded greetings cards for any occasion.

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Corporate greetings cards for all occasions

There are lots of reasons a company might want to send a greetings card to their customers or staff. Whether you’re wishing people a merry Christmas, celebrating a birthday, sending a thank you or sharing in a professional milestone, we can create the perfect card for you.

We offer a complete range of customisation options on business greeting cards, and don’t force you into large orders that can be a pain for you to store on your premises. Talk to our team about your design ideas and how many cards you require, and we’ll handle the rest. We’re always happy to print a repeat order when you run out!

Choose from a wide variety of papers and finishes and customise every aspect of the design on your business greetings card. As well as the design on the front of the card, we can include a printed message inside if you require, and can add company branding to the back. Whatever your vision is for your corporate greetings cards, we can make it a reality for you.